Hair Care Tips for Preventing Hair Shedding: A Holistic Approach

Discover holistic tips to prevent hair shedding and nurture healthy locks. Learn the secrets to luscious, resilient hair with a Jolie today!

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Your hair is amazing- it protects your head from cold, it locks moisture into your scalp, it gives you the ability to customize your look to your liking, and provides a sense of confidence. Suddenly unhealthy hair can also be indicative of unseen health problems that you were unaware of. Whatever your favorite reason is for maintaining your lovely locks, the bottom line is that you love your hair, and you should give it your best effort.

how to stop hair from shedding

Hair shedding is perfectly normal. The average person loses 50-100 hairs per day, and a number in this vicinity is no cause for alarm. However, if more hair than normal is ending up in your drain, on your brush, or tangled into your scrunchie, it may mean that it’s time to take action. Holistic hair care is a cheap and easy way to prevent your abnormal shedding from worsening. Read on to find out how you can simplify and supplement your hair care with a Jolie Showerhead and more.

Understanding Hair Shedding

Hair shedding is like nature’s way of whispering secrets to us about our hair’s health. Beyond normal hair shedding, there are numerous reasons why you might begin to shed more than normal. Stress is a major offender, along with hormonal changes, medication changes, and really any kind of curveball life might throw your way. 

Lifestyle also plays a major role in your hair’s health. A diet lacking in sufficient nutrients, protein, and vitamins could easily be the culprit in your extra hair loss. Using excessive heat from styling tools can be another. Even sleep and exercise help to maintain your hair’s natural strength and beauty, contributing to its overall health. But if you’re beginning to see more hair on the floor than you have before, try the following tips to stop the process dead in its tracks.

How to Stop Hair From Shedding

Proper Washing Techniques

Excessive washing with heavily artificial shampoos can absolutely lead to abnormal hair shedding. Shampoo strips your hair of its naturally occurring oils, and conditioner does a decent job of replacing it- the problem is, it can throw your scalp’s production rhythm all out of whack, which means you need to wash less, and pay attention. See what your average cadence is before you wash again, rather than just scrubbing away every day or two. When you do wash, gently massage your hair with a holistic shampoo and conditioner combo. When it comes time to rinse, give your hair the VIP treatment, and wash all the soap out with a Jolie Showerhead. In doing so, you are stripping away harmful chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, and a slew of other contaminants from your shower water, leaving nothing but pure, clean water to soothe and cleanse your scalp and hair. As a leader in the hair care industry, Jolie Skin Co will provide you with the best opportunity for your hair, scalp and skin to thrive.

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Nutrition and Diet

As with all bodily functions, a proper diet plan with all the proper nutrients involved will give your hair its best chance at a glowing look rivaled only by a Super Bowl commercial. Your hair is made of a protein called keratin, which requires ingested protein, biotin (vitamin b7), and vitamin A for your body to synthesize. Without these nutrients, your hair will struggle to grow. Sufficient hydration is another critical step in hair care, and again, it’s the same with regular self-care. It’s as simple as that- a proper diet, high in protein, vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water, your hair won’t be getting its fair shot. 

Avoiding Harmful Hair Practices

Don’t stress your hair and scalp with excessive heat from styling tools. We’ve all been too hot in the summertime, which leads to feelings of utter defeat and a sense of welcoming your doom. Your hair feels the same way- when it’s too hot, it just wants to give up. The change may not be immediate, but by consistently blasting your hair with tools that are too hot, you will likely begin to see excessive hair dropping from your head. Tight hair styles will also wear and tear on your follicles and scalp and could potentially lead to hair shedding. Chemical treatments are also harsh on your hair and scalp- the natural route tends to be far superior in treating and preventing excessive hair shedding. 

Holistic Hair and Scalp Treatments 

Oil treatments can be a helpful tool to strengthen your scalp and follicles. Use a neutral carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil combined with more concentrated essential oils (in small quantities) like rosemary or peppermint oil, apply to the scalp and let sit for about thirty minutes before washing. This simple, nourishing practice can be hugely beneficial for scalp and follicle health, as well as reducing dryness and flakiness. You guessed it- it can also help prevent or stop hair shedding before it’s too late.

How a Jolie Filtered Showerhead Can Prevent Hair From Shedding

  • Chlorine Reduction: Chlorine is used to sanitize municipal water and is generally safe in small amounts, but repeat exposure can wreak havoc on your skin and scalp by stripping your body’s natural oils and inhibiting their production. This can leave your hair and scalp unmoisturized, unprotected, and can ultimately lead to more hair fall.

  • Softening Hard Water: Hard water is the term used to describe water high in minerals and other dissolved solids. Again, while not normally considered unsafe for human consumption, these microscopic contaminants can build up in your pores and on your skin, choking your follicles and preventing your scalp from creating its nourishing oils. Again, this can lead to excessive hair shedding, as well as dry, dead-looking hair.
  • Chemical Reduction: There are plenty of other chemicals that find their way into our waterways, and they can easily cause disruption in your hair’s natural growth and shedding cycles. If you’re not sure what is in your local water, check the Jolie site for a water report, and see what a Jolie Showerhead will remove from your cleansing ritual.

Ditch the Drain Drama: Embrace Healthy Hair Days with Jolie's Secret Weapon

Hair shedding is common, but it doesn’t need to be terminal. A holistic approach to hair shedding prevention is a cheap, easy, and enriching way to help your hair and scalp thrive. Using neutral oils and essential oils to nourish your scalp is one way- consuming a nutrient-and-protein rich diet to nourish yourself is another. All of these methods will have trouble achieving their end goal without providing your body with clean, pure water for your purifying daily ritual from the jump. By investing in a Jolie Showerhead, you will revitalize and re-energize all of your self care practices from the source, and give your radiance its best chance to shine through. 

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