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Our Story

Water is essential to everything we do in our lives – and we believe in the power of water that is clean. It has energized, hydrated, sustained, and cleansed humans for centuries and is our vital life source. However, the water we have been showering and bathing in is not what we thought it was. Our municipal water supplies have been compromised and no longer provide the clean, healthy water our bodies and minds need. We believe that the water you put on your body is as important as the water you put in your body.

After experiencing dry skin for years, we began to look at the water as a possible problem. What we realized was not only was water a problem it was the problem. It didn’t matter what lotion or oils we had in the bathroom. If the water had harmful contaminants in it like chlorine and other harmful chemicals, putting on more lotion was not solving the root problem: The Water. It didn’t take a degree in chemistry to realize that all of America’s water supply has increasingly become more harmful to our skin, hair and bodies over time and it’s only getting worse.

We are consumers, we love using products like you and we often geek out about the latest skincare routine and ingredient innovation. And because of this, we’ve thought about our beauty & wellness routines and where it begins… and like almost everything in life, it starts with water.

Our foundation

WE provide beauty wellness essentials for your wellbeing.

Our values


Our approach is clear: clean beauty starts with clean water. This is a core function of our products and why we are here. We understand the impact unclean water has on your lifelong commitment to your beauty and wellness and want to empower you to make the best decisions for the health of your skin, hair, and wellbeing.


We believe the bathroom & the shower is your daily refuge from a world polluted with noise and contaminated with stress. The last thing you need to worry about is the quality of your water and its impact on your wellbeing and effectiveness of the products you invest in. We equip you with the tools to ensure you have a place to jumpstart the day and unwind at night.


Greenwashing is dead and we believe in the pure truth. Our commitment to responsible business practices is rooted in our shared love for planet earth. From the materials we choose, products we develop or the supply chains we deploy to make it all happen, we promise to continually seek ways to bring the most thoughtful products to our customers, not at the expense of the environment, but in service to it.

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