The Connection Between Hard Water and Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

Discover the key to vibrant hair in hard water areas. Protect your locks with top tips and solutions for hard water hair loss in this comprehensive guide.

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Hard water is everywhere, and it’s essentially inevitable. The idea is simple- as water moves through soil and rocks, it dissolves certain minerals found in the earth, which in turn release increasing trace amounts of calcium and magnesium into your water, causing it to become “hard”. Simply put, the higher the concentration of minerals, the harder the water. Geography plays a big role on the hardness of water as well, so you can’t really be sure where your water stands on the scale- that is, unless you get a super-convenient and super-free water report. 

Effects of hard water on hair

While hard water is not harmful to human health, and can have a detrimental effect on your skin in the long run. Take a good look at a glass shower door, dark colored shower tile, or bath tub next time the thought comes to you. That same white buildup that you see on your water-contacted bathroom fixtures is occurring on your skin, making it difficult for your skin, hair, and scalp to regulate and radiate. 

The Effects of Hard Water on Hair

Have you ever seen a big jug of chemicals under a sink called CLR? It stands for calcium, lime and rust remover, and it’s potent. It has to be, because hard water/mineral buildup on shower and bathroom surfaces is incredibly dense and hard to remove. The bad news is that the same buildup is currently forming on your skin, but the ever-shifting and regulating nature of your largest organ keeps it from becoming scaly and gross, like it is on your walls and in your pipes. This ongoing battle prevents your skin and scalp from focusing on nourishment and health, instead favoring defense and prevention. 

woman inspecting hair in shower due to hard water hair loss

The effects of hard water on hair are varied and sadly, all terrible. Firstly, your hair’s ability to self-moisturize is greatly impacted, resulting in dry, brittle hair. This can result in excessive breakage and split/dead ends. Additionally, the lack of natural oil and moisture results in a dull and lifeless look that so many hair care products promise to revive in an unnatural way. Hard water can even reduce the efficacy of those products (including shampoo and conditioner) from lathering up on your hair and scalp altogether, stopping the product’s function before it even has a chance to begin. This lack of function can result in unruly, tangled hair that is an utter nuisance. The buildup of these minerals can also result in a dry, itchy, and irritated scalp, which is where your hair’s health journey begins. 

The Link Between Hard Water and Hair Loss

The proof is in the above-listed pudding. Hard water wreaks havoc on your hair from root to tip. The root is precisely where hard water can contribute to excessive hair shedding and even hair loss- by allowing the continual buildup of minerals on your scalp and around your follicles, you are effectively choking the life out of your hair, resulting in the weakening of the follicles and roots, which will eventually cause your hair to give up. Nobody likes a quitter, so let’s get down to brass tacks and see how you can stop this process before it really begins.

How a Jolie Filtered Showerhead Can Help Prevent Hair Loss From Hard Water

The whole point of a Jolie Filtered Showerhead is right there in the name- to filter your water for a purifying, soul-nourishing shower experience on a daily basis. Naturally, this includes removing the ever-present mineral variables found in hard water from your shower equation altogether. It’s process is far from simple, but in your eyes, it couldn’t be easier. The Jolie Showerhead uses a state-of-the-art filtering material known as KDF-55, which are made up of high-purity copper-zinc granules, designed specifically for removing chlorine and heavy metals at high pressure and higher temperatures. But for you, all you’ll need is a small piece of plumbers tape and the knowledge of the difference between righty-tighty and lefty-loosey (... you just have to screw it on to begin your filtration journey). The result is a clean, pure shower experience, all without sacrificing your perfect temperature and essential water pressure.

Effects of hard water on hair

The Science of Successful Skin

The benefits of using a Jolie are extensive. With the knowledge that you’re treating yourself to a purifying experience every day comes the reduction of harmful interactions between your skin and hair and chemicals, dissolved solids, and other unseen contaminants in your water.

four differently colored filtered showeheads to help with hard water effects on hair

According to a robust in-house study conducted over several months and over two dozen participants, 81% saw a reduction in hair shedding, 59% saw their hair shedding decrease by more than one-third its original rate, and 30% of all participants observed a reduction in hair shedding by more than 50%. No, your eyes aren’t tricking you - those numbers are real, and just as significant as they seem. By simply purifying your shower water, you eliminate a major amount of your effort towards trying new products and routines, and all you need is a filter subscription (yeah, Jolie can even take care of that, too).

Embrace Healthy Hair in Hard Water with Confidence

Hard water can be a real enemy to your hair and skin, so cut it out of the equation completely. Every time you step into the shower, have confidence in the quality of the water you’re using, and think about all of that mineral buildup that is no longer forming on your skin (or walls). By being proactive about your hair care, you help to prevent the possibility of excessive hair shedding or loss, as well as the possibility of dead-looking, unhealthy hair. Stopping these detrimental factors at the source means you and your body have more time to focus on positive radiance rather than combatting the negatives. You won’t just be investing in a Jolie Showerhead- you’ll be investing in a healthier and more confident you, because you know that your skin and hair are getting their absolute best shot to succeed, straight from the source. Join the ranks of so so many others who have taken the leap toward thriving skin and hair health, and reaped the benefits on their own. 

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