7 Game-Changing Products for Thicker Hair

Discover the top 7 products for thicker hair! From shower filters to serums, learn how to stop thick hair loss in the shower. Unlock your locks now!

The list of reasons hair care companies emphasize hair-thickening and enhancing properties is long and robust—thick, volumized hair presents as healthier and fuller, which adds a textural element to your hair. Thick hair is also more versatile in terms of stylization, as it allows for more experimentation and tends to be stronger and more durable than thinner strands. Overall, thicker, more voluminous hair tends to present a stronger, healthier you to the world. If you have thin hair, then fear not because we outline below some of the best ways for you to fight back and get the bouncy, full head of hair you’ve been chasing.

1. Shower Filters: Your First Line of Defense

The most commonly overlooked enemy in your bathroom (in terms of self-care) is the water from your showerhead. If left unfiltered, hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium can build up on your hair and scalp, weighing down your individual strands and reducing the volume you fight so hard to achieve. It can also allow chemicals like chlorine, used to sanitize municipal water for human consumption, to strip your hair and scalp of all of their natural protective oils, resulting in dead, frizzled hair. Using a filtered showerhead such as the Jolie Filtered Showerhead effectively removes all of these foreign contaminants from your shower water, eliminating their negative impact on your skin, hair, and scalp. 

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead, in particular, has been shown to have tremendous benefits for hair health, as shown in a robust clinical study that concluded that 81% of all participants showed a rapid and noticeable reduction in hair shedding, most likely caused or spurred on by the buildup of foreign substances on the scalp and around the follicles. If you want thicker hair, start from the bottom up—investing in a Jolie Filtered Showerhead will give your hair and scalp their best shot at achieving your hair dreams from the very start of your daily self-care routine. 

2. Serums: Miracle Elixirs for Thick Locks

After your shower-centric cleansing routine, hair serums can be a complete and total game-changer for your hair. These magical potions are packed with nourishing ingredients that penetrate deep into your strands, adding strength and fullness from within. By coating each hair with a protective layer, hair serums create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous locks while also taming frizz and flyaways for a sleek and polished look. A dollop of serum distributed throughout your hair while it’s still damp (but not dripping wet, or the serum can slide out) can help you achieve the look you’ve been chasing, and they smell pretty good, too! Just a few drops are all it takes to unleash your hair's full potential, leaving you with head-turning volume and enviable thickness that will make you feel unstoppable.

3. Shampoos & Conditioners: Building Blocks of Hair Strength

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to fit your needs is essential in your hair care process, as not all products are created equal. In fact, some shampoos and conditioners that contain high levels of artificial ingredients and lab-made chemicals can actually increase the chance of hair loss despite all of the benefits they tout on the label. 

When it comes to thickening and strengthening your locks, steer clear of products containing harsh sulfates and silicones that can weigh down your hair and strip away its natural oils. Instead, opt for formulas enriched with nourishing ingredients like biotin, keratin, and collagen, which help to fortify each strand from root to tip, promoting healthier, fuller-looking hair. To prevent hair loss and boost volume, look for shampoos and conditioners specifically targeting these concerns. Top picks often include products infused with stimulating ingredients like caffeine, saw palmetto, and niacin, which can help promote hair growth and minimize shedding. These powerhouse ingredients work together to nourish the scalp, strengthen the hair follicles, and improve overall hair density, leaving you with a gorgeous mane that exudes confidence and vitality.

4. Dietary Supplements: Nourish Your Hair from Within

Like any other part of your body, your hair gets its strength and nutrition from your nutrition. That’s why it is so incredibly important to feed yourself and your hair a diet full of nutrients that will keep you as healthy as possible. When looking for supplements, try to find whole-food sourced or organic vitamins wherever possible. Be on the lookout for supplements like biotin, vitamin E, vitamin D, and iron, which are crucial in supporting strong, vibrant hair from within. These powerhouse nutrients help nourish the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and encourage the growth of thick, luscious locks. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids and collagen are crucial to healthy strands' growth. Collagen can enhance hair strength and elasticity, leading to healthier, more resilient hair. 

5. Thick Hair Detangling Brushes: Enhancing Volume and Thickness

Brushes made for thick hair and detangling do exist, and they can be an incredible tool to add to your toolbox. They have specially designed bristles that help to gently separate strands of hair rather than tear them apart and cause breakage and split ends. They also have specifically designed ergonomic handles, allowing the brushes to work their magic and effortlessly untangle knots and rat’s nests. This reduces (and in some cases eliminates) the need for yanking, pulling, and teasing. Let’s face it, we’ve all tried to fight off knots by teasing from the bottom up, then gotten fed up and frustrated, resulting in an unkindness to our hair that we probably shouldn’t have allowed. Adding one of these game-changing tools to your arsenal allows for more even product distribution through your hair (like the previously mentioned serums), which will send you well on your way to thicker, more volumized hair.

6. Leave-In Conditioner: Overnight Defense

Leave-in conditioner is a miracle of modern science. When applied to clean hair overnight, it goes headfirst into the deep end just for you. In essence, leave-in conditioner deeply nourishes and moisturizes your hair while you sleep, from root to tip. A rich blend of moisturizing ingredients like oils, vitamins, and proteins it strengthens and fortifies your hair overnight, leaving it feeling thicker and fuller. Additionally, leave-in conditioner can help tame unruly hair that seems to have a mind of its own. Frizz and flyaways can be calmed and reduced by adding leave-in conditioner to your routine. 

7. Thickening Mousse: Adding Volume and Body to Your Hair

Now that we’ve covered all of the bases with regard to hair health, it’s time to move on to the cheat codes. All of the above-listed methods for thickening and volumizing hair are sure to work when combined, but if you’re still not seeing the results you’re craving, then it’s time to pull out the big guns. Thickening mousse can go that extra mile for you with just a few pumps of a bottle. Thickening mousse provides your hair with lightweight polymers and volumizing agents, which cling to the hair shaft and expand, adding instant lift and body to your lively mane. Massaging the mousse into your hair creates a supportive base that helps lift and hold your style in place. A good thickening mousse will also be enriched with vitamins, minerals, and volumizing agents to continue nourishing your hair instead of destroying it with harmful chemicals. 

Your Path to Thicker, Healthier Hair

If you employ all of these methods on your journey to more voluminous hair, you’re sure to blow your own mind. Remember that products are less effective when laden with foreign contaminants, most commonly found in your shower water, which can actually coat your hair and block any additional product from doing its job. Using a Jolie Filtered Showerhead allows all of the nourishment and cheat codes you’ve researched and deployed to do their best work on volumizing your hair because all that work shouldn’t go to waste. 

Invest in a Jolie, and watch your hair transform into the shiny, full mane you've been seeking. 



Can I really thicken my hair with these products?

Absolutely! But it all starts with pure, clean shower water.

How long does it take to see results from using hair-thickening products?

Depending on your methods, you can see results immediately, but most see the most noticeable results after four weeks of continued product use.

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