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it's like walking on water

Jolie x Lusso Cloud: LIKE WALKING ON WATER Pelli Slide

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Jolie meets Lusso Cloud

We've collaborated with our friends at Lusso Cloud, the footwear company that has perfected 'comfort nirvana’ via its exclusive Triple Stack Technology.

We've taken the Lusso Cloud's bestselling Pelli slide and applied an embroidery of our “J drop” in a vibrant array of colors. The Jolie x Lusso Cloud collection is intended not only for that post-shower moment, but also for a stroll around town, bringing comfort and a state of flow to wherever you go.

We like to say stepping into a pair of Jolie x Lusso's is like walking on water... a graceful act in which one is in complete balance and total flow.

Available in four classic colors: White, Black, Navy, and Chestnut.

Extremely limited quantities.
Like Walking on Water
The team at Lusso Cloud is a master at comfort. The Pelli slide features 360° Comfort, which surrounds your foot with softness, and Triple Stack Technology, which gives you that walking-on-air feeling (though, we like to call it 'walking-on-water').

The upper of the shoe is made using Lusso Cloud engineered waffle knit with a thin sheet of breathable memory foam sewn into the lining. Combined with Triple Stack technology, the Pelli features an ultra soft layer of perforated memory foam sandwiched between a supple partially recycled IPEVA outsole and a comfy latex top sheet. It’s softness that surrounds your foot, creating 360 degrees of comfort.

The Triple Stack Comfy Tech consists of the three blissful layers of comfort. Layer one is an incredibly supple durometer IPEVA footbed that cradles your foot. On top of that, a second layer of lusciously soft perforated memory foam. And finally, a plush and silky soft top sheet made from natural latex.
  • Durable & highly elastic
  • Water-resistant and non-toxic
  • Triple Stack Technology
  • 360° Comfort
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Hannah Richtman wears the Jolie x Lusso Cloud Pelli Slide in Washington Square Park in New York on a Sunday morning stroll. Bring ultimate comfort wherever you are.

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We’ve always believed collaborations to be a fun way to engage with other brands, companies, and people we admire to create product we love.

By bringing a filtered showerhead into the beauty wellness space, we are creating a new category and introducing a product that sits outside the traditional beauty definition… which is to say our approach and position is not traditional.

We’ll continue that with our series of collaborations. The Lusso collaboration sits under a collection named Très Jolie, which will house our collaborations and any product that sits outside the traditional confines of a beauty brand.

A shower is a ritual in our daily lives and as we thought about what we do post-shower on a Sunday morning, we wanted to bring comfort to wherever you go, whether that's the coffee shop down the block or the couch in your living room.