99 Chemicals That Could Be Found in Your shower Water

About 60-70% of the human body is made of water. So our approach is clear… beauty and wellbeing starts with clean water.

This glossary was made to inform you of the chemicals that could be found in your water. Information can change or conflict regarding the health effects of chemicals, especially as new research, investigation, and public health goals are redefined. Different governmental bodies may have different public health goals than others. Regardless of regulation, some of these chemicals may find their way into your water, and sometimes at levels above health guidelines.

Health guidelines in this glossary are defined by the Environmental Protection Agency, California public health goals, or Environmental Working Group recommendations based on research. Health guidelines are made to protect the public against cancer and organ damage.

Not all the chemicals in this glossary are required to be tested for or reported. Contact your local water utility to find more information about your water or use our system to get a free water report.