Revive Your Locks: Why Every Home Needs a Showerhead Water Filter

Discover why Jolie is the ultimate solution for hard water, and how showerhead water filters can revive your locks. Unlock your healthier hair today!

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your hair and scalp are like the vegetables and soil in a garden. If you want your tomato vines to grow to be strong, colorful, and tantalizing, you need to ensure that you’re providing fresh, clean, pure water. The same goes for your scalp. The water in your shower pipes as they stand right now is full of contaminants of numerous varieties, all of which can build up on your scalp and choke the life out of your hair. A showerhead water filter, especially one as potent and effective as a Jolie Filtered Showerhead, can and will utterly revitalize your hair and body in several different ways.

Understanding the Basics

A filtered showerhead is like a personal bodyguard, protecting your hair, skin, and scalp from the imminent threat of water-contaminating goons. Quite simply, water is frequently not as clean as it looks. Chlorine, sediment, dissolved metals and minerals, and other impurities are picked up by your water and travel all the way through city pipes to your showerhead, and land forcefully on your skin. Filtered showerheads like the Jolie work by forcing your water through layers of porous granules that capture and trap the goons while letting the water through in a completely refreshed and purified state. 

The Benefits

First and foremost, a relaxing, spa-level experience in your own bathroom starts with clean water. The simple fact of knowing that the water that comes in contact with your body is completely purified can have a wonderfully worry-free effect on the mind. From a more scientific standpoint, unfiltered water carries nasty impurities (like chlorine and minerals) that can build up on your skin and scalp over time with repeat exposure, making it hard for both to produces natural defensive and moisturizing oils, and stripping the ones that were there in the first place.

woman using outdoor showerhead water filter

By removing these harsh contaminants, your skin can self-regulate and regain its natural moisture, reducing the need for excessive product. This brings us to the next benefit - savings. Your normal showerhead is increasing your need for moisturizing/revitalizing products. Making the change to a filtered showerhead increases your skin and hair’s ability to benefit from and retain the products you spent so much time finding and falling in love with, which means less usage over time, and more money in the bank. But the benefits don’t just stop at self-care - filtering your shower water is also good for the environment, which is good for everybody. By reducing the need for excessive hair and skincare products, you're also contributing to a lighter environmental footprint. Less packaging, fewer chemicals going down the drain - it's a small change that can add up in a big way. The Jolie Showerhead itself also comes in consciously minimal packaging, with just enough materials to get you up and running and prevent waste. 

Jolie: The Ultimate Solution for Hard Water

There are a lot of filtered showerheads on the market, but none are as effective (or pretty) as the Jolie. The process is simple enough - heat and pressure force your water through a series of layers of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfate, which are specifically for removing chlorine and heavy metals, as well as any other sneaky pests that might find their way into your water.

But it’s not just assumption - Lemma Labs, and independent PHD lab that’s woman-led, found that a Jolie Filtered Showerhead alone can reduce hair shedding by 46%!

During this study, they uncovered these amazing results. Of 27 participants over 12 weeks:

  • 81% saw a reduction in hair shedding
  • 59% saw a reduction of 33% or more
  • 30% saw a reduction rate of 50% or more 


If the science isn’t enough, let’s talk other personal upsides - the installation of your shiny, new Jolie is as easy as it gets, and it comes with everything you need in one convenient package. It’s universally fitted to screw onto any existing shower pipe, and comes with just enough plumbers tape to ensure a leak-free flow. The filter itself is good for 3 months’ worth of showers, and that’s where your thinking stops. Jolie will handle your replacement filter by signing up for a simple subscription (which can be canceled at any time, of course).

woman using Jolie-provided wrench to install the best shower head for hard water

Signing up for the subscription will also save you a few bucks per replacement. Every three months, when your Jolie filter is reaching max capacity, a shiny, new, and easily-installed filter will plop onto your doorstep without you having to set a reminder, or to remember out of sheer will.

Transform Your Hair & Skin Routine with the Best Showerhead for Hard Water - The Jolie

The simple reality is that a filtered showerhead can completely change the way you think about skin and hair care, and utterly revitalize your self-care routine. Call it step zero - giving your hair, skin, scalp, and soul the jumpstart they need from the moment you turn the faucet and water starts to flow. From this moment forward, everything you do to maintain your hair and skin’s natural moisture (lotions, serums, oil treatments, masks, toners, you name it) will be doubly effective, if not more. By eliminating harmful dissolved buildups and chemicals from coming in contact with your body, you vastly increase your various products’ ability to do their jobs. This will mean less waste, more savings, and better health for you.

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead is exceptionally good at achieving these goals, and does so in the simplest ways. Between easy install, minimal packaging for waste reduction, mindless filter replacement, and the actual heavy lifting of water filtration, the Jolie can simplify your life in ways you never thought to consider before. Get yours today worry-free… because if you don’t see night-and-day results, or you just don’t like it, you can return it within 60 days, no-hassle, no-questions asked. What are you waiting for?