Water of the Month: Bornholms Kildevand

Bornholm is a small Danish-owned island just off the coast of Sweden in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Known for its food due to the wealth of its ingredients, Bornholm is also home to one of our favorite water companies — Bornholms Kildevand. 

The water is from the eastern part of Bornholm and is picked up from a borehole 250 feet deep into the ground. Within the bedrock of Bornholm is the Nexø sandstone, which has made the water rich in minerals and salts. This gives it a crisp, clean finish with character. The unique mix of minerals and salts also helps bring out the nuances in food it is served with. Because of this, Bornholms Kildevand is the water of choice for many of Denmark's top restaurants and cocktail bars... For now, in order to try Bornholms Kildevand, you'll need to book a trip to Denmark.