The Top 5 Benefits of Showering with Filtered Water

Discover the benefits of showering with filtered water! From improved skin & hair to a positive impact on your well-being, explore the top 5 reasons to switch. 

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    Let’s say you were out grocery shopping for a camping trip to unplug for a few days and rejuvenate. Obviously, you buy drinks and hot dogs, but if you’ve ever been camping before, you know as well as anybody that you absolutely have to bring your own water. Say there were only two brands to choose from - one said “purified” and the other said “city tap water.” Honestly, which one would you choose? Purified, of course! 

    The same principle applies to your skincare but is often overlooked because we have always showered without a second thought. It shouldn’t make a difference if we're still getting clean, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Hard water and soft water alike can carry several different kinds of contaminants and impurities that will actively prevent your hair from shining and your skin from glowing. Chlorine, minerals, chemicals, and more can all be present in your shower water, and they could be hindering your beauty and self-care routine in ways that might not be so obvious. Read on to learn why the Jolie Filtered Showerhead is your perfect shower solution and the top 5 ways it can help you achieve your beauty goals.

    1. Improved Skin Health

    Here’s another hypothetical - you’ve been in an average backyard or public pool, right? You probably remember that dry, sticky feeling your skin is left with after you’ve toweled off and grabbed a nice summertime beverage. This is the direct result of chlorine exposure from the pool water. Chlorine is generally safe for human exposure in small, measured quantities used specifically to disinfect various water sources. While it is safe, it can harm your skin’s ability to self-nourish and maintain its natural oils and moisture. This can lead to increased susceptibility to dryness, irritation, and can even exacerbate the symptoms of certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, leading to more frequent flare-ups. While chlorine concentration in your shower and tap water is significantly lower than in a pool, repeated exposure over time can be just as detrimental. By eliminating this factor with a filtered showerhead, you will be treating yourself to smooth, soft, and healthy skin that can self-regulate with ease. 

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    2. Healthier Hair

    Chlorine has similar effects on hair as it does on your skin. In addition to the chlorine, hard water minerals have also been known to coat your hair in low concentrations of limescale, resulting in dry, brittle hair that cannot absorb moisture from conditioners or even your scalp’s naturally produced oils. These impurities in the water damage the outer layer of your hair, which leaves your hair and scalp open to all different kinds of damage, including color fading and lack of color retention, as well as increased dryness and flakiness of the scalp itself. Filtering your water with a filtered showerhead provides an environment in which your hair and scalp are free to produce their own oils and nutrients and absorb them from outside sources and products that we all know you’ve spent time and effort choosing.

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    3. Respiratory Benefits

    All of these impurities have the potential to vaporize in your shower, traveling through the steam the hot water creates and ultimately finding a home inside your respiratory system. Chlorine, for instance, although found in safe, small doses in tap water, is still present in your tap water and will turn into a gas that can travel into your lungs and airways, causing irritation, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Particulate heavy metals can also travel into your body this way. By treating yourself to a Jolie, you’re treating your lungs to a moist detox rather than a slow but steady toxification.

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    4. Environmental Impact

    Municipal water systems do a good job of removing waste from our water, but in doing so, they must also treat it so that it’s safe for consumption and human usage. Regardless of their filtration and treatment, the chemicals used to render the water safe will still be found in the taps in our homes and any other impurities picked up along the way. These can include dissolved metals and minerals from plumbing throughout the city and into your building. By filtering the water that goes back into your drain (and using sustainably produced products in your shower), you’re giving your immediate environment a better chance of thriving than if you cycled those chemicals back into your waterways.

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    5. Overall Well-Being

    Quite frankly, showers rule. They’re relaxing, cleansing, purifying, and help you recharge and refocus. They can prepare you for bed or work, clean you after the gym, or freshen you up for a special event. They’re good for mind, body, and soul and feel great. It should go without saying that the quality of the water you use for this sacred ritual should be of the finest quality, but it’s such a commonplace activity that most of us don’t even consider it. A Jolie Filtered Showerhead only needs to be considered (and installed) one time (and have a filter change every three months, but that’s easy as pie with our super simple and money-saving subscription service), and you’ve brought your “you time” to a whole new level of awesome.

    Take Your Shower Routine to the Next Level with a Jolie Shower Filter

    The case is strong here. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from investing in your own independently lab-tested showerhead, proven to improve your skin, hair, and state of mind. Treat yourself to an elevated shower experience, and see the improvements yourself in no time. If it turns out you think it’s all just a ruse, we’ll take the shower head back within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked. But seriously, you need to try one for yourself!

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