Jolie Goes to the Beach

We love all things water so naturally the beach is at the top of our list. Not only do we love the beach for leaving us with the thickest, waviest hair and golden skin, but also for the smile it puts on our faces. There is a simple joy to spending time on an untouched beach, whether we are just walking to the sounds of the waves or jumping in head first. We spent a few days with photographer Marina Pia Goldi and Lara Atalie Hoff Smith at our favorite beach, bay and pool spots on the East End of Long Island. Read more to learn about where we went...



Located in between Amagansett and Montauk on the most eastern part of Long Island is a quiet beach known as Napeague. With soft sand and a peaceful atmosphere, this beach is one of our favorites for an early morning walk where the beach feels like it's yours and yours only.



On the northern part of the south fork of Long Island is Springs, a more-artistic and quieter enclave compared to its neighbors of the East End. Situated on the bay, Springs is the spot to chase a sunset in the summer — and our favorite Springs beach to watch that sunset is Flaggy Hole. The waves are calm, the water is warm, and the beautiful sea shells are plentiful... 



Amagansett derives its name from the Montaukett name of "Place of Good Water" — so it makes total sense this happens to be our favorite town on the East End. While "Place of Good Water" is less reality today than it was in the past, Amagansett is a charming little town with a rustic and less manicured look and feel than its highbrow neighbors to the west, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, and so forth.. There is a timelessness to the town that brings us back year after year.