How to Take a Cold Shower


It’s science you can’t deny. From closing pores and improving your skin’s firmness to giving your hair a healthy glow, taking a dip in ice cold water has been proven to provide countless, and better yet, achievable benefits for all of us. And one of the best ways to start? Jumping right in with the Total Polar Plunge.

We know. There are few better things than a relaxing, warm shower to melt your day away with. But by making the switch to taking the polar plunge, even if only once a week, your body and mind will thank you (and you’ll be thanking us later). Even stars like Gwenyth Paltrow and The Rock do it. Seriously, look it up. We’d like to teach you just how to ease into it, so jump out of that comfort zone and into the shower!

The hardest part about the polar plunge is starting, so once you’re there, it only gets easier. The most important piece about this specific kind of shower is how long you stay in.

Persistence is key.

The goal here is to continue with your normal routine and stay under the water as long as you would if it was hot - that means shampooing, shaving, scrubbing and dubbing all under that icy water - so don’t rush it.

Also, try to stray away from focusing on the temperature of the water and become one with the polar bears.

Anyways, the idea of being cold is just a state of mind. Isn’t that what the monks say?

After a quick 6 minutes or so, you’ve accomplished the total polar plunge. Easy as that. Soon enough, a once agonizing practice will become an enjoyable part of your routine and you’ll be left with a clear mind, happy skin, and gorgeous locks. 

Wouldn't we all like to be a little more like James Bond?

Charm. Sophistication. Astonishingly silky locks and baby smooth skin. (Okay, maybe the last one’s a stretch).

But one thing is for certain — this international spy knows what he’s doing in the shower department. Bond’s signature shower was first introduced in Casino Royale, which shows him starting a nice, hot shower and then slowly blasting the cold, minute by minute. It’s tough to say exactly how and why this detail was included in his routine, but when a man that good looking does anything, we don’t ask questions.

What exactly is a Bond Shower you ask?

Well let us spill the deets. It’s simple. Start your shower off as you typically would in hot water, staying at this temperature as you wash yourself. Then, quickly turn the water ice cold for the last 30-45 seconds to finish strong.

Although it’s easier said than done, stick with it — we promise the benefits cold water has for your hair and skin will keep you coming back for more. And after just a few showers you’ll be able to see the difference —from smaller pores to supple skin to shinier, healthier hair.

Maybe this is the secret Bond is keeping as a secret agent... 

The thought of diving into an ice-cold shower as soon as you wake up (or right before you go to bed) may not spark feelings of joy. After all, the traditional, hot shower is tried, tested, and true.
But as trends like cryotherapy begin to make their way into popularity, one may start to wonder - are there benefits to immersing yourself in the cold? And if there are, should I immediately go cold turkey on hot showers?
Ok, sorry. But in short - yes, cold showers have many benefits, and no, you don’t have to abandon hot showers. In fact, we’ll walk you through the easiest method to start taking cold showers.  According to MedicalNewsToday, the benefits of cold showers can include:
  • Smaller pores
  • Shinier, healthier hair
  • Decreased inflammation and swelling
  • Pain relief 
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved muscle and joint health
  • Reduced stress
But before you jump into your cold shower, here’s our SAD Method (it’s not sad at all), our technique for your first couple of forays into the freeze:

S - Start slow.

The key to cold showers is easing into them, starting at your normal preferred water temperature and then slowly beginning to lower the water temperature towards the end of your shower. 

A - A little goes a long way!

Try staying under the cold water for a couple of minutes. Then the next time you shower, try to stay under a little longer. Take your time to build up your body’s tolerance and enjoy the journey.

D - Don’t forget to take deep breaths.

Your body may tense up because you’re trying something new and slightly unpleasant, but use this moment to be mindful of your breathing and your body. Not only can you reap the physical benefits of a cold shower, you can also use this moment as a meditative session on being present.