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say hello to your
best skin & hair

We filter the water we drink, why not the water we shower in?

we believe your shower water is 'step zero.'

Jolie is a beauty wellness company that purifies the quality of your water for better skin, hair, and overall wellbeing.

We all know to filter the water we drink, but why not the water we shower in? It's where many of the issues we spend so much time, money, and effort on start — acne, damaged hair, eczema, change in hair color, rashes, you name it.

The water we shower in is so fundamental to the quality of our hair & skin, so that's why we are focusing there with the Jolie Filtered Showerhead... right at the root cause. We call it 'Step Zero.'

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let’s talk dirty (water)

Most water systems use chlorine to disinfect the water. While useful in destroying harmful bacteria, chlorine & heavy metals in the water are damaging to our skin and hair.

"Jolie was the key to having the soft and shiny locks that I’ve longed for!"

"Since I switched to Jolie, I haven’t had any issues with my skin or hair."

"this is my hair prior to jolie - soooo frizzy!"

"I've noticed huge improvement with how my skin feels after the shower"

"nyc water might've been helping the bagels & pizza, but not my skin!"

"I knew something was up with my water... thank you Jolie"

It's time to pay attention to the water you shower in

See what’s in your water
"Chlorine [...] also can be pretty harsh on your skin. It could cause irritation and breakouts and also scalp issues."
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"Chlorine can strip natural oils, create tangles and dryness, and even cause split ends on all hair types."
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"Chlorine strips away natural oils and leaves hair dry, while its bleaching effects changes the color–usually for the worse"
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Have you ever noticed a difference in your skin & hair after showering in a new location? But nothing else in your routine changed?

It's likely your water! Chlorine is added to our water to disinfect it and kill bacteria, but that chlorine is no good for our skin & hair. And then our pipes and other factors in the environment add heavy metals to our water.

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead is the best product for removing chlorine & heavy metals from your shower water to give you your best skin & hair. Guaranteed.

That's right, try Jolie out for 60 days, and if you don't like it, you'll get your full money back.

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chlorine removes moisture from your hair

Felt your hair after swimming in a pool? That chlorine strips out the natural oils in your hair and scalp. The same thing is happening in your shower. It causes your hair to crack and split.
All of this leads to brittle hair, dryness, dullness, frizziness, split ends, and damaged roots, even contributing to hair loss.

Ultimately preventing you from your best and smoothest hair.

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chlorine strips the skin of its natural oils

Have you ever felt as if there was a film or layer of 'stuff' on your skin after showering? It's the quality of your water.

The chlorine & heavy metals dry out your skin, causing issues such as acne, dry skin, hives, psoriasis, eczema, accelerated aging, random breakouts, rashes, redness, and skin burns.

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If you color or treat your hair, you know how important it is to take care of that investment by avoiding certain products and using special shampoo and conditioner.

When you wash your hair with water that contains heavy metals, you're essentially asking your hair color to grow dull or green... and resulting in damage to your hair and scalp.

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chlorine does your other product a disservice

Women who invest in their appearance spend an average of almost $3,800 a year on beauty-related expenses. Men are not too far behind at $2,900 a year.

Needless to be said, beauty products aren't cheap.

Whether you have a one-step or 10-step routine, use drugstore products or spend $375 on a 72-ingredient serum, if you are combining your products with unfiltered water, you're foiling your investment in your appearance.

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Issues your jolie will address

"My skin is normal color plus my psoriasis is not flaring up! My hair is not falling out in clumps anymore either! It’s amazing!"

- Natasha
Tangled curly hair
"I have very curly, frizzy hair and it has been so much less tangled and smoother."

- Annika
"Within 1 week my extremely painful cystic acne was 95% cured. Truly life changing!"

- Cole
Soft hair
"I’ve had it for over a month now and it has done wonders! The water pressure did not change at all. My hair is so soft and my skin has cleared up."

- Sarah
Confidence boost
"I have fewer and less dramatic breakouts, my skin feels much softer, and my body is less itchy. Having the Jolie has been not only a relief, but a confidence boost too!"

- Ana